Fed chair grilled, new coronavirus cases fall, mouse-keteers

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What to watch for today

The Federal Reserve chair testifies to Congress. Jerome Powell starts two days of questions and answers about the health of the US economy, after holding interest rates steady earlier this month. Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin also testifies over the White House’s budget proposal.

The UK’s communications watchdog is given expanded powers. Ofcom will be responsible for policing social media platforms, making sure that tech firms protect people from harmful content, and removing illegal material.

Google goes to EU court. The tech giant is appealing antitrust fines levied against it for allegedly favoring its own shopping comparison tool over smaller European rivals. The case could determine how the EU deals with US tech firms accused of abusing market power.

While you were sleeping

Coronavirus cases fell in China. The country’s chief medical officer said the epidemic might peak this month and end by Spring, but global experts warn it’s a premature declaration. The virus has so far claimed more than 1,100 lives, all but two of them in China.

Kering posted good results, but is concerned about China. Robust sales growth there helped the Gucci owner beat earnings expectations in the fourth quarter of last year. However, executives warned that coronavirus could weigh down future earnings.

Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Democratic primary. The Vermont senator beat Pete Buttigieg, following their virtual tie in Iowa. Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden posted disappointing third and fourth place finishes, and Andrew Yang dropped out.

The air cargo market hit some turbulence. A chief executive at Boeing warned the industry might not rebound this year, due to the impact of coronavirus on travel. The comments came after the sector posted its worst year since the 2008 global financial crisis.

Nissan hit Carlos Ghosn with a $90 million lawsuit. The Japanese automaker sued its former chairman over monetary damages related to alleged fraud. The Brazilian-French-Lebanese national jumped bail in Japan in December, and escaped to Lebanon.

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Amazon is getting physical. With more than 500 brick-and-mortar stores across the US, the e-commerce giant is rapidly expanding its offline presence, reports Quartz’s Marc Bain. Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon’s bet on physical stores.

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Rooibos may seem like a recent novelty, but South Africa has been sipping on it for generations. While rooibos production is now almost entirely in the hands of white growers and processors, South Africa is trying to compensate indigenous communities who discovered the plant. Lift your pinky, it’s the Quartz Daily Obsession.

Matters of debate

There could be a world war in the Arctic. The region has huge strategic significance—and lots to fight over.

Data brokers are a privacy threat. Why tolerate them collecting our personal information in the first place?

White American parents don’t actually want integrated schools. Though they say otherwise, a new survey shows they tend to choose less diverse schools for their kids.

Surprising discoveries

A photo of dueling mice won an award. “Station Squabble” features two mice scrambling for leftover crumbs on a London subway platform.

The Parasite craze found its way into the noodle market. Inspired by a scene in the Oscar-winning film, people are mixing two types of noodles to make chapaguri.

Birds of Prey is getting a new name. Producers are giving the movie a new title, after realizing its current version doesn’t work for SEO.

People born blind are safe from schizophrenia. The strange correlation might point to a link between vision and psychotic disorders.

The CIA secretly owned the company that made the world’s encryption devices. For decades, spies used Crypto AG’s products to listen in on private communications.

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