EU budget fight, Bloomberg’s grilling, mussel massacre

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What to watch for today

The European Union hosts a summit. Member states will discuss the bloc’s budget for the next seven years, which could lay bare tensions between the more “frugal” countries and those that want to keep spending on agriculture and infrastructure at current levels. The EU also wants to spend more on climate change and security.

The International Monetary Fund heads to Lebanon. A team of experts will give advice as the country faces an economic meltdown. Lebanon has not yet asked the IMF for financial assistance, but yesterday was the worst day on record for the heavily indebted country’s bonds.

Staff at UK universities strike. Workers at 74 schools are walking out for two weeks over pay and pensions, for the second time this academic year.

Roger Stone’s sentencing is going ahead. The Republican operative and close associate of Donald Trump was convicted last year on felony charges including lying to Congress. The case is seen as a test of US judicial independence—four prosecutors quit the case after the justice department withdrew their sentencing recommendation soon after the president tweeted it was too harsh.

While you were sleeping

US Democratic candidates got combative in Vegas. In his first debate appearance, billionaire Michael Bloomberg was grilled over his record on sexual harassment and race, particularly his stop-and-frisk policy when he was New York mayor. Facing a decline in the polls, Elizabeth Warren pulled no punches in her attacks on her opponents, but particularly Bloomberg.

Macau casinos re-opened. They had been closed for two weeks to curb the spread of coronavirus. The overwhelming number of visitors to the gambling mecca come from mainland China, and tourist arrivals last week fell 98% from the previous year.

Two passengers from the Diamond Princess died of coronavirus. Both in their 80s, they mark the first fatalities on the cruise ship docked in Yokohama. More than 620 people have been infected on it, raising questions over Japan’s handling of the ship’s quarantine. South Korea also reported a surge in cases, many of them linked to a cult.

A mass shooting killed at least eight in Germany. Police said they found the body of a man suspected to be behind shootings at two shisha bars in Hanau, a city near Frankfurt. Last week, a man was killed in shooting outside a Turkish comedy club in Berlin.

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Lots of companies say they want to balance profit with purpose, yet fewer than 3,300 have become certified B Corporations. Their ranks are growing, however, and they have a great deal to teach other companies about success. Quartz’s Cassie Werber brings you essential lessons from the world of B Corps.

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Matters of debate

There’s no substitute for experience. Raj Raghavan, SVP and head of HR at IndiGo, India’s largest airline, told Quartz that no schools can teach the skills that his teams rely upon. Find more advice on the future of jobs in India.

Airports are one place e-commerce can’t touch. Pre-flight shopping is thriving because of affordable airfares and better airport design.

No country is doing enough to protect children from the climate crisis. Young people should be at the heart of governments’ sustainability plans.

Surprising discoveries

Amsterdam might move its red-light district indoors. The Dutch city is considering building an “erotic center,” which will be a “sex hotel plus, plus, plus.”

People are lining up to buy red Oreos. The brand Supreme is releasing a special edition of the classic snack today.

Two young sisters forced Kellogg’s to agree not to use “unsustainable” palm oil. But their mother is waiting to see if the company actually does it.

The sun cooked to death hundreds of thousands of mussels in New Zealand. Midday low tides during a heatwave left the mollusks exposed.

Monkeys could spoil Trump’s upcoming visit to the Taj Mahal. Authorities don’t know how to stop the animals from attacking visitors to the landmark in Agra.

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