Roger Stone sentencing, Google users’ jurisdiction, blue whale sightings

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What to watch for today

Roger Stone is sentenced. The Donald Trump associate was convicted last year on felony charges, including lying to Congress. Four prosecutors quit the case after the justice department withdrew its first sentencing recommendation.

The EU hosts a summit. Member states are discussing the bloc’s budget for the next seven years, which could lay bare tensions between the more “frugal” countries and those that are opposed to cuts. Brexit has left the EU €70 billion ($75 billion) short of money.

The IMF heads to Lebanon. A team of experts are giving advice as the country faces an economic meltdown. Lebanon has not yet asked the IMF for financial assistance, but yesterday was the worst day on record for the heavily indebted country’s bonds.

While you were sleeping

A far-right gunman killed at least nine people in Germany. Most of the victims are thought to be of Kurdish origin, and the German president has released a statement condemning the “racist hatred.” The suspect committed suicide.

Google confirmed that it’s moving UK users outside EU jurisdiction. They will fall under US jurisdiction, which means fewer privacy protections. The decision was prompted by the UK’s departure from the bloc on Jan. 31.

US Democratic candidates were combative in Vegas. In his first debate appearance, Michael Bloomberg was grilled—particularly by senator Elizabeth Warren—over his record on sexual harassment and race.

Coronavirus-stricken China cut interest rates. The new 4.05% loan prime rate is meant to boost the domestic economy, as the number of new cases falls. Meanwhile, two passengers from the Diamond Princess died, raising questions about Japan’s handling of the ship’s quarantine.

Lloyds’ profits tanked. One of the UK’s largest banks saw its pre-tax earnings decline by a quarter to £4.4 billion ($5.7 billion), but still ahead of investor expectations. Its chief executive António Horta-Osório, the country’s best-paid banker, was forced to take a 28% pay cut.

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Matters of debate

There’s no substitute for experience. In our special report on the future of jobs in India, the head of the country’s largest airline says that schools can’t teach what his company needs.

Homeownership is overrated. It’s not necessarily a path to wealth.

Airports are one place e-commerce can’t touch. Pre-flight shopping is thriving because of affordable airfares and better airport design.

Surprising discoveries

Parasite’s storyboards are becoming a graphic novel. The 304-page behind-the-scenes look at the Oscar-winning thriller hits bookshelves in May.

Brides can now look like Disney princesses. The company has made 16 gowns available, with the most expensive costing $10,000.

A woman played violin while undergoing brain surgery. The highly unorthodox measure ensured that doctors didn’t damage the region that controls hand movements.

A sub-Antarctic region has “astonishing” numbers of blue whales. Scientists spotted 55 of the mammals in South Georgia, a former whaling epicenter.

Humans can learn to echolocate. The brain’s visual cortex can be retrained to process sound the same way it would treat images.

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