Apple shareholders, Hong Kong cash handout, every melody ever

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What to watch for today

An attempt to salvage the Iran nuclear deal. Britain, France, and Germany, as well as Russia and China, are meeting in Vienna to try and persuade Tehran to uphold the accord that it has made multiple pullbacks from.

Former French prime minister François Fillon goes on trial. He faces fraud charges for allegedly paying his wife and children for work they never performed. He could face up to 10 years in prison.

Romania’s president tries to form a new government. Klaus Iohannis will launch fresh consultations with parties to try and resolve a political deadlock, after a court blocked his re-nomination of ousted Liberal Party leader Ludovic Orban as prime minister.

Apple’s annual meeting with its investors. Shareholders will vote on whether the company must disclose all censorship requests by any government, after it was repeatedly accused of acquiescing to China’s demands to block certain apps.

While you were sleeping

Boris Johnson promised to overhaul the UK’s foreign policy. The prime minister said topics including army procurement, the diplomatic service, and tackling organized crime will be reviewed, as the country seeks to define its place in the world after Brexit.

Hong Kong handed out $1,300 to every adult permanent resident. The move was part of a HK$120 billion ($15 billion) relief deal announced by the government to soften the double whammy of months-long protests and the coronavirus epidemic. Meanwhile, Covid-19 cases in South Korea exceeded 1,000, as the outbreak continued to spread globally.

Bernie Sanders faced an early onslaught at the South Carolina debate. Democratic presidential hopefuls piled on the Vermont senator and current frontrunner, attacking him for not explaining his costly programs and for being a weak challenger to Donald Trump.

Pop singer Aimee Duffy said she was raped, drugged, and held captive. The Grammy-winning Welsh star wrote about the attack in an Instagram post, explaining why she retreated from the public eye after the release of her successful debut album in 2008.

Disney replaced its CEO. Bob Iger was instrumental in hammering out the company’s purchases of Marvel Entertainment, Fox assets, and Star Wars. Disney announced he’d stay on as executive chairman of the board, with Bob Chapek, formerly chairman of Disney Parks, taking his place as CEO.

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Quartz daily obsession

Lazy rivers are far from it. As people float along manmade trails of water—spotted in water parks, but also in malls, hotels, Airbnbs, and even college campuses—they may not be aware that “the most complex engineering design there is” lies underneath them. The craft can also be dangerous with a lack of US regulation; but rest assured, the lazy river remains largely safe. Float on with today’s Quartz Daily Obsession.

Matters of debate

Victoria’s Secret’s woke pivot is too little too late. Its cosmetic changes lag what consumers now expect from lifestyle brands.

Baby clothes should be gender neutral. Shoppers are pushing back against designs specific to boys and girls.

Let the apostrophe die. People misuse the confusing punctuation mark, and language should evolve organically.

Surprising discoveries

A former White House doctor hid cauliflower in Donald Trump’s mashed potatoes. It’s part of an attempt to get the US president to eat more vegetables.

There’s a $900 million reserve fund if the Tokyo Olympics is canceled. Its part of the International Olympic Committee’s risk management strategy.

Indian women threw a “period feast.” They decided to do so after a Hindu priest insulted women who cook while menstruating.

Red squirrels are better than gray ones at sniffing out danger. They are more responsive to the scent of pine martens, a sharp-clawed predator.

Two activist musicians recorded every possible melody. They hope to undermine lawsuits in which one artist accuses another of ripping off their sound.

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