FBI email search, GE’s big oil bet, why bugs are scary

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What to watch for today

China’s J-20 stealth fighter takes flight. The country’s latest military hardware will be on display at the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition from Tuesday until November 6. Russian weapons makers are also expected to make a strong showing.

Malaysia makes nice with Beijing. Prime minister Najib Razak arrives for a six-day visit. Like Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, he is not expected to make any waves over conflicting claims to the South China Sea.

The Federal Reserve begins its last pre-election meeting. During a meeting spanning Tuesday and Wednesday in Washington, the US central bank is unlikely to raise rates  ahead of Election Day on Nov. 8.

While you were sleeping

Thailand is preparing for a new king. The country is making plans for crown prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to ascend the throne on Dec. 1, according to Reuters. King Bhumibol Adulyadej died last month, and privy council head Prem Tinsulda has been ruling as regent.

GE made a massive bet on the oil business. General Electric merged its energy business with Baker Hughes to create the world’s second-largest oilfield services provider. The combined $32 billion company will try to thrive despite stubbornly low oil prices.

South Africa dropped corruption charges against Pravin Gordhan. The finance minister was due to appear in court in two days, in what was seen as a behind-the-scenes power struggle between Gordhan and president Jacob Zuma. The markets welcomed the move, with the rand climbing more than 2%.

Ex-Valeant executives are under criminal investigation. US prosecutors are reportedly building a fraud case against Ex-CEO Michael Pearson and ex-CFO Howard Schiller, focusing on the drugmaker’s hidden ties to Philidor, which it acquired in 2014. Philidor allegedly manipulated insurance reimbursements for Valeant medicines, driving up their price.

The FBI began sifting through a new trove of Hillary Clinton emails. The documents were on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin, and agents are trying to determine if classified information was improperly handled. The Wall Street Journal reported that “the most pertinent” emails could be identified by Election Day.

Quartz markets haiku

Stocks are lower now
with a third straight monthly loss.
It’s more trick than treat. 🎃

Quartz obsession interlude

Josh Horwitz on how manufacturing, globalization, and ignorance could ruin the internet for everyone. “The same system that brought exploding hoverboards into consumers’ homes last Christmas is responsible for unleashing hundreds of thousands of vulnerable cameras into American households—and probably millions of other equally vulnerable internet-connected devices.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Apple needs to buy Netflix. It’s the logical step as the company tries to build up Apple TV.

Peter Thiel’s “bubble theory” is flawed. He cites an economic rationale for supporting Trump, but most voters are driven by other issues.

Star Trek humor is increasing tech’s gender gap. Geeky jokes and references make women feel unwelcome in computer classes.

Surprising discoveries

Insects scare us because of our brains confuse disgust and fear. And, to be fair, some bugs are actually dangerous.

Lisbon could be in the middle of a desert by 2100. Climate change will have a severe impact on the Mediterranean.

The Zika virus could affect the male reproductive system. Infected mice have shrunken testicles and lower levels of sex hormones.

A Chinese woman bought a house with 20 iPhones. Each of her 20 boyfriends bought her a smartphone; she sold them to put down a deposit.

One dozen billionaires could buy all of Manhattan. Bezos and Zuckerberg could divvy up the Upper West Side.

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