The future of food is in Israel

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Silicon Valley is, in many ways, the beating heart of present-day invention. But when it comes to one of life’s most elemental questions—”What should I eat?”—the place that will define the future is Israel.

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Quartz reporter Chase Purdy has been covering the future of food for years, and this week zeroes in on what he views as the most interesting emerging hub for innovation. His report today highlights how Israel, with its vast arid landscape and dwindling water supply, has already had to contend with the effects of the warming planet that have yet to drastically reshape other parts of the world where lots of food is grown. Over the course of this week, he’ll report on specific innovations, including lab-grown meat and technology for making sugar taste sweeter.

Quartz members also can watch the latest installments of our video interviews with CEOs. This week James Quarles, CEO of fitness tracking app Strava, lays out his key takeaways on how to launch and grow a successful business in a market that’s dominated by a handful of giants—in Strava’s case, it essentially competes with Facebook and Instagram.

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