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Dear changemakers—

Making compelling decks can be a lot of work, but a key step to proposing new business ideas.

Gathering trustworthy, complex data and turning it into simple visualizations happens to be something our expert journalists and designers do every day at Quartz! That’s why we decided to launch a new service for members: an ongoing creation of beautiful presentations on today’s most important topics.

‘Steal’ some slides and use them however you’d like—we’ve designed these to be easily reformatted to fit any presentation style. 

Here are the most recently produced presentations:

📱The key to Apple’s future success makes clear the challenges that the company faces. It dissects the three key areas that are emerging as critical to the company’s future: a new generation of hardware, services, and emerging markets in China and India. 

📡 Everything you need to know about 5G cuts through the hype to lay out what 5G really means for the future. It takes you through 5G’s revolutionary potential, as well as its very real limitations. 

🚘 The long road ahead to self driving cars outlines the step-by-step changes we’ll see on the way to full autonomy, while highlighting key industry partnerships, and reasons why some companies are working together.

Quartz readers tend to be changemakers inside their organizations, and we want to provide you with the tools to advocate exciting, future opportunities.

Get access to these presentations with a Quartz membership. Impress your boss, win that deal, and help shape the new global economy. 

Erica Rallo
Community manager