The movement to reform capitalism

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B Corps are meant to exemplify one idea: that we need to transform the way capitalism works in order to save the world. A growing number of corporations are signing on; from Patagonia to Danone, thousands of companies are trying to strike a balance between profit and purpose. But can the nascent B Corp movement scale? Sign up for a free 7-day trial of membership to learn why B Corps are gaining momentum—and the limitations that make them imperfect vehicles for social change.

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Whether you’re joining the purpose movement or want to learn about the companies that are, check out: 

  • Our state-of-play outlining everything you need to know about B Corps, how they’re pushing to change the way the world works, and how they can fix capitalism. 
  • A look at how Patagonia became the B Corps poster child. (Did you know that Patagonia at one time didn’t want to be a B Corp at all?) 
  • A breakdown of what B Corps can teach other companies about success
  • The answer to a critical question: Can private equity firms have a purpose other than making money? 

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