Today in membership: Brexit deals, the future of work, and Lyft’s IPO

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Today, we continue our examination of Brexit, with an essay from Eshe Nelson that makes a similar argument Joni Mitchell and Janet Jackson made many years ago: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. The UK is hoping to reach an agreement with the EU that will protect access to the continent, while also maintaining British sovereignty and independence. In other words: very much the same agreement the country and the union have had for decades.

We also have a new Tipping Points feature today. Allison Schrager looks at the economics of digital fitness coaches and how telepresence and mobile technologies may allow fewer workers to serve more people. An in other money coverage, we have a close look at Lyft’s forthcoming IPO and what investors should think about the ride-sharing company.

Later this week, we’ll hear from a top-ranked City of London exec about Brexit’s effect on London’s financial community; we’ll also have a straight-bangin’ interactive to look at; Insider View will reveal the secrets of PR and journalists; Private Key will continue its journey through cryptoland; and we’ll have both a resourceful toolkit on Brexit and a live video conference call to talk more about it.

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