Quartz Index
The Quartz Index is our collection of metrics that show how the global economy is fundamentally changing.
Monthly active Facebook users1
In some countries, Facebook is the internet. Its growth in users is a proxy for people meaningfully connected to the global economy.
SpaceX successful landings since 2015
SpaceX is poised to transform space exploration by dramatically lowering the cost of space travel. How close is it to reaching this goal?
Daily bitcoin transactions4
If the future of global money is crypto-currency, the number of daily transactions reveals the extent to which businesses and consumers are beginning to use bitcoin.
Hong Kong monthly retail sales5
Chinese consumers are the most important force in luxury retail. Their ability to spend reflects the health of the Chinese economy.
Monthly scheduled seats for long-haul flights6
More airlines are now offering long-haul flights. The number of seats scheduled reveals the prosperity and movement of people.
Share of mutual funds invested in index funds7
The share of US investors' money in index funds reflects a trend away from active investing, and is impacted by performance of the stock market.
Number of registered commercial drone pilots8
In February there were more drones registered in the US than piloted aircrafts. This metric illustrates how close we are to drone usage being an everyday occurrence for businesses and consumers.
Average London home price9
The rise of London's housing market is linked to the UK's openness to finance and foreign capital. Prices help gauge how Brexit and economic anxieties are playing out in concrete terms.
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