Mahindra’s company has annual revenues of $17.8 billion. Most new businesses in the wide-ranging, Mumbai-based multinational are in sectors aligned with the SDGs, Mahindra said, such as electric vehicles, rural housing, and water management.

“To my mind, anyone not looking at these opportunities is going to miss out on growth,” he said. “My only anthem is, look, there’s money in this. When businessmen see money in this, you’re going to see change.”

Mahindra added that he sees one entity currently on track to be a loser in this new business environment: the US.

“When we heard that America is pulling out of the Paris agreement, that’s unfortunate, but frankly—speaking purely from my competitive juices point of view—we are delighted that somebody’s not going to look at these opportunities,” he said. “They’ll be all there for us.”

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