Some Indians have over 200 apps on their phones

World at your fingertips.
World at your fingertips.
Image: EPA/Jagadeesh NV
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Indians aren’t merely using apps anymore, they are bingeing on them.

Most Indians, riding the country’s smartphone boom, use up to 24 apps on their phones daily, a recent report by market research firm techARC revealed. Nearly four in 10 use between six and 10 apps a day.

This is far higher than the global average. Globally, people use an average of nine apps per day, according to research by mobile analytics firm App Annie.

Several Indians also download apps but don’t really use them, the report, which collected responses from 1,000 users, showed.

On average, Indians instal 51 apps but the highest number of downloads goes up to a whopping 207.

“This indicates that there are some users who go on installing apps without much of  thinking and understanding,” the techARC report noted. “Such extremely high installation of apps can not only drain the smartphones in several ways and also impact its performance, but can also expose such users to various vulnerabilities that could be acquired by the device through some apps.”

Trending apps

With 76% of Indian smartphone users subscribing to social media apps daily, it is the most popular category. Mobile gaming is a close second.

Over-the-top entertainment apps, including Live TV and video-on-demand, are gaining popularity with 40% of the users watching content on a daily basis.

“The rise in usage of gaming and entertainment apps is good news for telecom operators,” the report stated. “These two are data-heavy (apps) which can become promising revenue generators for them once the hyper-competitiveness settles in the market.”