I wished my mother well on her second marriage

Happily ever after.
Happily ever after.
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In a country where millions of women suffer abusive marriages and a second marriage is particularly shunned, a 23-year-old Indian youth’s short but moving Facebook post about his mother’s remarriage sent ripples on social media. After his note garnered over 35,000 Likes, he posted again, “I misunderstood this land and its people.” Quartz reproduces the original post here, translating it from the Malayalam language.

It was my mother’s wedding.

I wasn’t sure if I should post this note. After all, there are still people today who can’t accept a second marriage.

Avoid viewing this with suspicion, scorn, or hatred. Even if you do, nobody is bothered.

A woman who set aside her entire life for me. She suffered a lot in her abusive first marriage. Once, with blood oozing from her forehead following an assault, I had asked her why she bore all this. I recall my mother replying, “I live for you, I can endure more.”

That day, when I walked out of that house holding her hand, I decided to make this very moment happen. My mother, who sacrificed her entire youth for me, has many dreams and heights to conquer. I don’t wish to elaborate…I didn’t see the need to keep this a secret.

Mother, happy married life.

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