What does Mukesh Ambani want to be remembered for?

Billion-dollar dream.
Billion-dollar dream.
Image: REUTERS/Francis Mascarenhas
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Mukesh Ambani has raised over $25 billion for his various ventures in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. His companies are now the leaders in several sectors in India, including retail, telecom, and petrochemicals. Given his massive war chest and dominant position, all eyes are on what India’s richest man will do next.

But these are not the successes Ambani wants to be remembered for.

Speaking to economist and business journalist Omkar Goswami during a book launch event on Oct. 19, the 63-year-old billionaire said he is working towards three things:

  1. Transforming India into a digital society.
  2. Transforming the education sector in India.
  3. To move India away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy.

The following was Ambani’s reply to Goswami’s question: “How do you wish to be remembered?”

It’s not about me, it is about what I can do to contribute to our society and I think, what I am working towards are really three things…the first is really transformation of India into a digital society and that digital society incorporates all the future industries, so that the next 30 years of India is a 100 times, like what we have never imagined is what we can achieve. That’s the first piece that at least in my humble way of working to.

The second…its time to transform our education sector. At any point in time we have 200 million children in India in the education system and it will take us eight to 10 years to completely transform the skill base of India. I think that we have the formula to convert the magic into reality and establish linkages between academic institutions to real world, skill training and employment in a way that actually sustains India of much higher quality and better jobs.

And the third thing that we are working towards is really transformation of energy. And we think again that the world is right and India is in the right mindset to completely, in the next few decades, move away from fossil fuels to completely renewable energy.

If I can play my small part in actually achieving this and create institutions that will perpetuate and sustain that than I would have done my job. I don’t know whether I will succeed or not.