The average Indian has to work 724 hours to afford an Apple iPhone 13

Unaffordable, more unaffordable, most unaffordable.
Unaffordable, more unaffordable, most unaffordable.
Image: Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins
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The new iPhone is more expensive for Indians than for almost anyone else in the world.

The average Indian will have to work 724 hours—around 90 days—to afford the iPhone 13, according to an analysis by British price comparison-based financial services provider MoneySuperMarket. Compared to neighbor China, with which India competes for manufacturing projects and foreign investment, Indians will have to work more than three times longer.

According to estimates, the average hourly wage in India is 96 rupees ($1.30) and the iPhone 13 is priced at just under Rs70,000 ($950) on Apple’s online store in the country.

The only country where the phone is less affordable is the Philippines, where the average citizen will have to work 775 hours, or 97 days, to buy the iPhone 13.

For the highest end model, the iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple fans in India will have to put in the most work in the world—over 1,100 hours on average. And these numbers don’t, of course, account for living costs or other expenses.

Which country has it the easiest? Switzerland. “With an average annual salary of $79,270, people living in Switzerland would need less than a week of work (34 hours) to buy the latest iPhone,” Money SuperMarket noted. It helps that Switzerland also ranks in the top 10 for countries that pay the least for the iPhone 13.