Do Indian citizens returning from Ukraine need a covid test?

In waiting.
In waiting.
Image: REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis
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The airports in Delhi and Mumbai have updated their Covid-19 guidelines ahead of the impending return of stranded Indians from Ukraine following the Russian invasion.

Authorities at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai today (Feb. 26) said they have formed a special corridor for Indians arriving from Ukraine later tonight.

“As per the guidelines laid down by the government, the airport health organisation (APHO) team at the airport will be conducting mandatory temperature checks,” CSMIA said in a press release.

The repatriated Indians are expected to “produce either a Covid-19 vaccination certificate or a negative RT-PCR test report at the time of arrival.”

However, if the passengers are unable to produce these documents, they must get a covid test done at the airport itself.

“The cost [of the test] would be borne by the airport,” CSMIA said in its statement. “…CSMIA is undertaking steps to smoothen the process for the young students arriving at the airport…And will provide them with free WiFi codes, distribute food and water bottles, and provide them with any guidance or medical assistance if required at the time of arrival.”

At Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Indian nationals arriving from Ukraine will be exempted from the government’s updated guidelines for international arrivals on the basis of “humanitarian grounds.”

After Ukraine shut down its airspace on Feb. 24, India reached out to countries bordering the crisis-hit European nation to evacuate stranded Indian citizens. The first of two special planes from India to Romania’s Bucharest will return to Mumbai at 9pm local Indian time; the second will land in Delhi in the early hours tomorrow.