Indian travellers may be turning more eco-sensitive but it’s only a start

The mountains are calling.
The mountains are calling.
Image: REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton
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Indian travellers may be finally waking up to planet-first choices.

With climate change increasingly palpable, around 88% of Indians now apparently prefer sustainable accommodation and travel options when planning vacations, according to a survey by travel portal of 30,000 travellers across 32 countries.

Around 68% said recent climate change news had influenced their choice.

Indian tourists are generally criticised for their lack of eco-sensitive behaviour, and these survey results may indicate a welcome change, even if incipient.

Where are Indians choosing to live?

At least 69% of Indian travellers have indicated that they actively look for information on a property’s sustainability efforts before placing bookings, the survey revealed.

Transport choices to reduce carbon footprints

The new and informed Indian travellers are also mindful of how far they travel, how they get there, and how they get around once they’re there, according to the survey.