An Indian IT firm’s employee retention plan includes free matchmaking

Happily married and employed.
Happily married and employed.
Image: Reuters/Parivartan Sharma
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Madurai-based Sri Mookambika Infosolutions (SMI) will do anything to retain its employees—even get them married.

In a country where women migrate for marriage and men migrate for work, companies must go beyond pay packages and perks to attract and retain talent. Especially in the IT sector, where attrition is high, the competition for talent is stiff. Add to the mix a non-metro location on offer, and even fewer recruits may be interested.

The 750 employee SMI offers all its employees a fixed 6-8% salary jump twice a year. But it has reserved its best for those looking to get hitched. Since SMI was founded in 2006, it has been providing special increments when an employee gets married.

Soon thereafter, it began offering matchmaking services free of cost.

“They treat me like a brother and several of them are from villages, with either aged parents or lacking a proper outlook of the world and unable to find the right match,” MP Selvaganesh told Times of India. “We help such employees through a network of ‘alliance makers.'”

As a result, attrition has remained below 10% for several years now. That’s one way to keep employees from moving away to seek better prospects—both professionally and personally.