India’s developer community has a massive talent retention problem brewing

So many jobs, so little retention.
So many jobs, so little retention.
Image: Reuters/Amit Dave
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The great resignation is getting real in India’s developer community.

At least three in 10 developers in the country have begun a new job this year, according to a June 2022 survey by cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean. Among those who haven’t, nearly half—44%—are considering a job switch. In comparison, globally, a smaller percentage has moved to newer jobs in the past year (25%) or is considering one (42%), the poll of over 2,500 developers found.

“Both those who have already left and those considering leaving jobs are motivated by two main factors: compensation and fully remote or flexible work environments,” the report states. “With an ongoing rise in inflation and the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s clear companies need to offer high pay and work flexibility to retain developers.”

It is not only the big IT firms, even startups are offering 50-100% raises to poach talent.

Additionally, thousands of deep-pocketed global firms’ captive centres, also known as Global Capability Centres (GCC), are stepping up hiring. Usual suspects like the US tech giants Google, Amazon, and Facebook aside, Japanese firms like flea market app operator Mercari and online retailer Rakuten Group are also on the lookout.

Meanwhile, countries like Australia are making immigration easier by adding tech jobs to priority visa lists, giving Indian talent the option to not only leave their jobs but also the country.