Mike Bloomberg is in Delhi doing Indian things

Meter se chalega?
Meter se chalega?
Image: AP Photo/Press Trust of India
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Former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg is having the best time in Delhi.

He went to India as a United Nations envoy with five specific points on his agenda—climate leadership, solar power, smart cities, road safety and the large youth population—and has professed to be very “bullish” on India‘s future.

Judging from his Twitter and Instagram accounts, Bloomberg is not your average western tourist—he is not eating a terrible meal at Paharganj or letting a tout take him to buy some not-quite-pashmina shawl in a government emporium.

Nope, Mike Bloomberg is doing a lot of Indian things. And true to the “picture or it didn’t happen” rule, he’s posting it all on social media.

He took the metro (although it’s a bit unfair to compare it to the London tube or NYC subway, since Delhi metro is far superior):

In conspicuous display of bravery, he rode an auto rickshaw in a suit (plus, it looks like he was able to pay in dollars—see picture above) :

He took a slow walk in the park with a friend (presumably after lunch):

And he checked out the monkeys:

Will he join the locals for a jog in Lodhi Gardens, despite Delhi’s notoriously polluted air?