This is what life looks like right now in earthquake-ravaged Nepal

Not easy.
Not easy.
Image: Reuters/Adnan Abidi
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The catastrophic earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25 has so far claimed at least 4,000 lives, injured more than 7,500 and displaced thousands more.

And the death toll is likely to rise further as search and rescue workers finally reach remote, mountainous settlements.

For the ordinary Nepali, the last few days have been an extraordinary struggle for survival, bereft of basic comforts, surrounded by death and destruction, with an endless wave of aftershocks adding to the fear and uncertainty.

Since the day after the earthquake, the Nepal Photo Project, a group of photographers in and around Kathmandu, has been chronicling the remarkable resilience of the people surrounding them.

Their images, published on Instagram and shared on Facebook, reveal what life looks like in Nepal’s earthquake ravaged capital city.