Everything was going smoothly until the concert began and the singer began crooning—well, technically, the problem was that he didn’t croon.

Fans eagerly awaiting Bieber’s biggest smash hits like “Where Are You Now,” ”Sorry,” “Boyfriend,” “Love Yourself” amid other popular tracks, were subject to a botched lip-sync performance for most of the night. Worse, it seemed he didn’t even try to make his act believable. Comedian Ashish Shakya from the popular comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB) described one such moment in a Facebook note, saying, “Bieber was wiping his face with a towel such that the towel covered his entire face, and the vocals just played on unchanged.” (Shakya’s post in its entirety is a recommended read to get a sense of how little Bieber seemed to care about the pretense.) Another comedian from AIB, Rohan Joshi, jokingly called the event “Justin Bieber’s Bombay Dubsmash.”

However, humor was not every downcast fan’s crutch. Many lashed out on Twitter, criticizing Bieber’s deadpan expression and ghar ke kapde (clothes worn at home). Fans who’d traveled from afar—from a different state even—were especially up in arms about the debacle.

“He performed the entire 90-minute set with the kind of enthusiasm you would expect from a robot, save for a couple of moments where he did seem to come alive and throw a magnanimous hello at the audience,” Rolling Stone India wrote.

Maybe the backlash got to the “Sorry” star: Bieber was supposed to stay and sightsee in Agra and Jaipur, take the standard tourist picture in front of the Taj Mahal, and partake in a handful of revelries. But reports suggest that he took off the night of the gig itself.

The performance wasn’t the only buzzkill that night. According to Firstpost, a one-liter bottle of water was marked up nearly five times and was selling for Rs100($1.55). And thanks to the rules, after venturing outside, standing in long queues and buying the water, you weren’t even allowed to take it inside. A Rs5 ($0.08) Vada Pav was selling for Rs95 ($1.48), Indiatimes reported. Standup comedian Atul Khatri also complained about the outrageously priced snacks:

But there’s always a silver lining, right?

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