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Fusion power: Don't overreact

This new source of energy could revolutionize our approach to consumption and climate change

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Nuclear fusion has long been a futuristic power source of sci-fi: clean, non-radioactive, bountiful energy capable of exceeding all of humanity’s needs. And a recent breakthrough has shown it’s surprisingly within reach. This promising new source of energy could power desalination and better carbon capture, and revolutionize our approach to consumption and climate change. Read the full transcript here. (Presented by EY)

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Annalisa Merelli is the host of season 4 of the Quartz Obsession podcast, and a senior reporter covering the intersection of inequality and healthcare. She is obsessed with romantic comedies, interspecies friendships, and having strong opinions about the way you make Italian food.

Aurora Almendral is a senior reporter at Quartz, covering climate and supply chains. She is obsessed with niche industries and distant futures.


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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Spider-Man 2 (2004) directed by Sam Raimi (Sony)

Fusion Industry Association

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