And it will improve your life if you, like me, are prone to losing trinkets like jewelry or forgetting the name of a favorite eatery you swore you’d return to. Even if you’re, say, under the influence, Swarm’s interface remains almost foolproof: If you can drunk text, you can check in.

Once, when I realized I had lost a ring in Dublin (not drunk, just absentminded), the first thing I did was scroll through my Swarm check-ins of the days. It detailed exactly where I had been—and when I was there, and I managed to call the restaurant and get my ring back.

Still, even though Foursquare may encourage users to explore the world, support their regular establishments, and discover new venues, it also helps others know too much about your daily patterns: “The one thing that I do think about is checking into the same place too often, which makes means I could be perceived as boring or unadventurous,” Santos explained.

But we’re also helping each other create new patterns in our lives. Earlier this year, I invited Santos to work out with me at cult gym, 305 Fitness. Last week, he went back by himself. We reconnected afterwards.

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