What’s worse than the Fyre Festival? Depriving cheese-loving Brits of camembert

This takes the biscuit.
This takes the biscuit.
Image: Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne
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If you thought the notorious Fyre festival would be the biggest event debacle of 2017, think again. The organizers of London’s Giant Cheeseboard event learnt a crucial lesson this weekend: Don’t mess with Britons’ love of ripe French cheeses.

The event promised “unlimited cheese and mulled wine on a giant cheeseboard…one you can walk around on as if you’re in a giants [sic] kitchen.” The description continued: “Basically, think Honey i shrunk the kids…if they were lucky enough to find themselves in a cheese and wine heaven.”

Six hours of unfeta-d access to cheese and mulled wine? You can understand why the event, with tickets starting at £30 ($40), sold out.

However, attendees reported horror stories of cold mulled wine, dwindling supplies of cheese, and no giant camembert. Simply not gouda-nough. They tweeted away their anger with brie-o.

The accusations clearly grated on the organizers, who posted a lengthy defense on Facebook. They insisted that the mulled wine was “absolutely not cold when served” and that “there were mountains of cheese all throughout the event and right up until the end.”

The commenters below the post had an unequivocal message, however: If cheese is your thing, leave this event provolone.