Netflix’s holiday trash-fire video promotes a trash-fire of a Will Smith movie

Let it burn.
Let it burn.
Image: Screenshot/Netflix
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If you don’t have a fireplace to cozy up beside this holiday season, Netflix has you covered. You and your loved ones can sing carols and sip hot cocoa beside a festive new video of a flaming can of trash. The vibrant burning garbage and graffiti-covered walls will remind you of all the comforts of home—if home is under a bridge.

This take on the classic holiday yule log is as bizarre as the movie it’s being used to promote, Bright. The $90 million feature starring Will Smith as a cop who works with his orc partner to keep a magic wand from destroying the world is Netflix’s biggest movie to date. The concept is so outlandish that it’s one of those movies that could either be really amazing or really awful—there is no middle ground. Early reviews suggest it’s really awful.

Bright is a giant Christmas/Hanukkah gift from Netflix to the major studios,” wrote Scott Mendelson at Forbes, one of many outlets who panned the film. “It shows the streaming giant falling on its face in its attempts to replicate the so-called Hollywood blockbuster.”

Netflix is using stunts like this themed yule log, and a movie hotline, to get the movie in front of more eyeballs.

Meanwhile, if it’s a more classic edition of the yule log you seek, Fireplace for Your Home, is Quartzy’s Jacob Templin’s top recommendation for yule-log viewing this holiday season.