Watch RBG work out while ignoring Stephen Colbert

This is what judgment looks like.
This is what judgment looks like.
Image: The Late Show
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is stronger, and planks longer, than the vast majority of American adults. If you weren’t already privy to the details of her grueling workout routine, the video below is your chance to take in the 85-year-old US Supreme Court justice’s gym game—in all of its pure, unadulterated joy.

There’s a whole book and countless articles devoted to RBG’s daily iron-pumping and band-stretching, which she deems essential to what appears to be her nearly perfect health. The oldest justice on the court says she has “no interest in retiring.”

If anyone doubts her strength, they ought to watch this clip from The Late Show, in which Ginsburg works out alongside Stephen Colbert, the CBS show’s host. The segment essentially amounts to Ginsburg—garbed in her “Super Diva” sweatshirt, which I definitely didn’t just buy—focusing on her trainer, while telling Colbert to turn off his “loud noise” (C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat”), ignoring his jumpy jokes, and crushing pushups that Colbert, 32 years her junior, can barely complete.

As for how Colbert should address her while she slays, Ginsberg says she prefers “Just ‘Justice.'”

Also featured are the notorious RBG’s answers to some of life’s most pressing questions—like what she shares with rap-legend notorious BIG (Brooklyn, baby), whether a hot dog is truly a sandwich, and if she “juices.”

Oh, and she listens to opera at the gym, because of course. You’re welcome: