Is that destination wedding worth the trip? Our chatbot can help you decide

Image: Reuters/Christian Hartmann
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It all starts innocently enough. An envelope—or these days, an email—informs you that someone you care about, together with their families, is requesting the honor of your presence in roughly six months’ time. Translation: You’ve been invited to a wedding!

With this information, many questions follow. Chief among them is the location. Thanks to the wedding industrial complex, the rise of multi-nationality couples, and Instagram’s distinctive brand of aesthetic one-upmanship, the humble town hall wedding has given way to something else.

The fairy tale ceremony in a Lake Como castle, a spiritual Balinese commitment ceremony, a non-traditional three-day soirée in Delhi. These occasions can be magical. But they can also be very expensive—especially when it comes to guests’ wallets, time, and occasionally their sanity.

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So instead of the hand-wringing over whether or not to spend your paltry savings and meager vacation time on your college roommate’s Tuesday wedding in Tulum, Quartzy has a neutral solution: Have a chat with our destination wedding bot. It will help you decide if it’s time to book that flight or embrace your JOMO (that’s joy of missing out). Take the quiz, then RSVP with confidence.