To prepare kale for a salad, Cayne instructs cooks to hold each piece by the stem, then use your other hand to strip the leafy parts away from the stem. “You definitely don’t want to eat the stem,” she says. Stack them up neatly, then roll them up, “you make like, a cigarette,” Cayne says, and cut the rolled kale into thin strips horizontally, making a chiffonade. Then either massage by sprinkling with sea salt and rubbing it into the kale, or toss with a vinegar-based dressing to soften it.

“It sits and it gets nice and sort of glisten-y and it absorbs all the flavors of the oil and the vinegar and the salt,” Cayne says. “What I would do is that I would dress it first then put it in your container, and then (add) say your peanuts or your sesame seeds or…any type of crouton-y thing on top so the dressing isn’t affecting them.”

As for the chopped versus non-chopped debate, Cayne suggests an entirely different way of dealing with lettuce. “I like to eat salad like a finger food, I’m not embarrassed to say it,” she said. “I like butter lettuce, or little gem or baby romaine and I like to have it on my plate with all of my different things, whether it’s cherries and walnuts, or avocado, or grilled chicken and I like to take each leaf and make it a vehicle for eating the other things…I eat it like I’m eating a taco.”

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