We shouldn’t be surprised that hideous, high-heeled Crocs are flying off the shelves

The future of footwear is looking increasingly hideous.
The future of footwear is looking increasingly hideous.
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Foam shoe company Crocs, beloved by gardeners and hospital workers, made a controversial shoe drop today when it introduced the “Cyprus V”, a high-heeled version of its classic foam clog.

The shoe, which features a sensible two-inch heel in addition to “an elegant strap design with a little more top-of-foot coverage,” quickly sold out on Amazon in its Platinum/Wild Orchid color.

But this isn’t the first time the rubber shoe giant has ventured into the world of #fashun. Indeed, the standard Croc, which has been described as the world’s ugliest shoe by many a fashion site, has inspired several high fashion reboots.

London-based designer Christopher Kane debuted a Croc bedazzled in precious gems at New York fashion week in 2016, and Maison Margiela has its own $608, calfskin-covered version which they call a clog but definitely looked like a Croc (although they didn’t formally partner with the company like Kane).

Then there’s Balenciaga’s Croc-inspired, $850 platform clog, which famously sold out before it hit stores last year. The fashion house teased another design today, posting a photo of a bedazzled, three-inch rubber pump.

As far as Crocs goes, the company has released other heeled versions of its shoe, although none have been quite this hideous.

Luckily, ugly is in, and the plastic clog maker is wisely looking to capitalize on the trend. True, folks might take issue with the aesthetics of this new movement, but thanks to Croc, no one is likely to quibble over its comfort levels.