Serena Williams’ clothing line is flying off the shelves

Sold out.
Sold out.
Image: Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports
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T-shirts from Serena Williams are a hot commodity.

The American tennis star released a series of limited-edition tees featuring her ‘S’ logo against a backdrop of the New York City skyline ahead of 2018’s US Open tournament. All of the shirts, in styles for both men and women, were sold out on her apparel site as of Sept. 9.

A limited edition “be greater” shirt with the ‘S’ logo was also sold out.

On Sept. 8, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka defeated Williams in the finals at the US Open. Williams, who lost in part because of a series of violations, was still the center of attention after the match. Umpire Carlos Ramos docked her a game when she said he was a “thief” who “stole” a point from her, after he had called two earlier infractions against her. Men, she argued, said worse things to umpires without being punished so severely. Some fans saluted Williams after the match for fighting for women even in defeat.

It’s unclear whether the t-shirts, which were part of the fashion line the tennis star began rolling out in May 2018, sold out prior to Williams’ performance in the US Open finals. Quartz has reached out to the site and will update this post if more details become available.