A bald Steve Carell mocks Donald Trump’s bankruptcies, hair loss, and relative lack of wealth while portraying Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a new Saturday Night Live skit.

“Some folks have speculated that I was somehow trolling Trump” by building a new headquarters in Trump’s hometown of Queens and another close to where he now lives in Washington, DC, Carell as Bezos says, “but that’s simply not true.” Then he goes on to do just that, pointing out that Bezos is “literally a hundred times richer” than Trump and that the Washington Post newspaper he owns regularly runs front-page headlines humiliating Trump.

Building a headquarters close to Arlington National Cemetery will allow Amazon employees to pay respect to America’s veterans, “even when it is raining,” Carell says, a knock on Trump’s failure to visit a French cemetery for American soldiers over Veterans Day weekend.

“I am here to announce a brand-new delivery option that doesn’t involve the post office at all: Amazon Caravan,” he says. “Any package going to any Trump building will be delivered by hundreds of Honduran and Mexican immigrants.”

“Thanks to Mister Trump, Amazon’s future is brighter than ever,” Carell concludes.

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