Tell us how you feel and we’ll show you a Lego that feels the same way

I feel you.
I feel you.
Image: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
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Voiced by Chris Pratt, the blissfully happy toast enthusiast Emmet Brickowski has returned in the Lego Movie: the Second Part. The film fell millions of dollars short of expectations, pulling in around $34 million in North American box-office receipts over its opening weekend according to Comscore. The film is part of the effort to support Lego’s multi-billion dollar toy business with multi-million dollar movies pumped full of the diverse cast of characters contained in its sets.

That emotional range is evident here. Select a mix of emotions below and we’ll give you a Lego head to match. Tell us how you’re feeling and our algorithm will try to piece together a matching Lego face.

These results are based on 37,000 data points we collected on about 1,600 Lego “minifigure” faces. As our analysis in Oct. 2018 showed, complex emotions have become a staple of the Scandinavian toy.

Are you happy with what you saw or are you surprised by some of the results? Either way you can contribute to our ongoing analysis of Lego emotions by rating some Lego heads here.