This is how you correctly leave a port-a-potty

When you gotta go.
When you gotta go.
Image: Zach Cordner/Invision/AP
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With Coachella opening April 12, consider the 2019 music festival season underway. Outdoor venues like Coachella can attract over 100,000 fans. Coachella’s location in the Southern California desert means the venue’s temporary restrooms can get hot, steamy, and of course stinky.

The plastic portable toilet experience doesn’t have to be a smelly one. Just close the lid over the seat when you’re done using it. Toilet lids left open allow odors to waft up into the stall. Closing the lid, ensures that smells exit through the tank’s vent.

Take it from an expert. “When breeze blows over the opening of the vent stack, it creates a sort of vacuum effect. The smells are pulled up the vent stack and out, hopefully keeping them from accumulating in the unit itself. This almost never happens if people do not close the lid,” according to Sam Cooper a quality control engineer of PolyJohn.

Every outdoor toilet based off of George Harding’s 1964 portable toilet cabana patent has a ventilation pipe. In fact, some even have electric fans to improve airflow.

Clean and accessible toilets at venues are nothing to mess with. Coachella wouldn’t agree to provide a giant dome for Kanye West to perform in because it would have required moving a large section of portable toilets, a executives explained to Billboard. West nearly backed out of appearing this year when his demand went unmet.