It seems that Meow Wolf cracked the experience-economy code with its signature project, “The House of Eternal Return,” a 20,000-sq-ft art playhouse by way of Lewis Carroll and lots of LSD located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Now the most Instagrammed place in the city, the project came to fruition after an early investment from Martin, a longtime Santa Fe resident whose hit fantasy series, and its HBO adaptation, puts his net worth at a cool $65 million.

The author spent $3 million on renovations of an abandoned bowling alley in the city, which he then rented to the company for the installation, described by one visitor as “murder mystery meets art installation.”

As the New York Times writes, “a Meow Wolf founder set as a creative goal the making of an environment so visually stimulating that kids would barf as soon as they stepped inside. Sure enough, that first day a child threw up inside a tunnel of flickering televisions; it was gross, but it also felt like a victory of sorts.”

You might get lost.
You might get lost.
Image: Anne Quito for Quartz

Quartz reporter Anne Quito, who visited the House today, did not vomit, but says that there’s a macabre feeling to the experience, noting that you begin your journey by reading various sympathy cards. “The best moments are the rooms where you can play instruments,” she says, adding that she also “walked into a fridge and a fireplace.” Indeed, while Martin perhaps didn’t anticipate helping create a Disneyland-esque Instagram sensation, Meow Wolf’s wormhole-riddled funhouse seems to be very much in line with Martin’s own fantastical—albeit dark—leanings.

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