Move over, cats: Rabbit cafes are here to soothe your stress

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The city with the longest working hours in the world has found a way to de-stress: bunnies.

At Rabbitland Cafe in Hong Kong, visitors can spend time with fluffy bunnies while enjoying snacks and drinks. The cafe, which opened four months ago, has 12 rabbits to play with and costs about $9 for an hour-long visit.

Rickey Lam, one of the cafe’s co-founders, got the idea of opening a rabbit cafe from the world’s animal-cafe hub: Japan, where you can have a cup of coffee while petting cats, dogs, and even owls. Unlike cats and dogs though, rabbits are sensitive and aren’t necessarily the most cuddly of creatures. “They might see you more like friends instead of their masters,” Lam says, “and they don’t like being held in arms.”