@jasonfried - Jason Fried is the founder & CEO of Basecamp and the co-author of Getting Real, Remote, and REWORK.

@juliagalef - Julia Galef is a writer focused on reasoning and judgment and the host of the Rationally Speaking podcast.

@patrickc - Patrick Collison is co-founder and CEO of Stripe.

@druckerinst - The official account of the Drucker Institute, continuing the legacy of Peter Drucker, the “founder of modern management.”

@brian_armstrong - Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase.

@bethcomstock - Beth Comstock is vice chair of GE and operates the GE Business Innovation division.

@bhorowitz - Ben Horowitz is the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz and author of The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

@kimballscott - Kim Scott is the co-founder of Candor, Inc. and author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity. Kim is a former Google executive and has worked as a CEO coach at Dropbox, Qualtrics, Twitter, and several other tech companies.

@fredwilson - Fred Wilson is a managing partner at Union Square Ventures.

@ginatrapani - Gina Trapani is a partner and director of engineering at Postlight, a digital product studio, and is the founder of the blog Lifehacker.

@brentbeshore - Brent Beshore is the founder and CEO of the private equity firm Adventur.es.

@mssapone - Marcela Sapone is the co-founder and CEO of Hello Alfred.

@claychristensen - Clayton Christensen is a professor at Harvard Business School, best known for his theory of “disruptive innovation,” first introduced in the book The Innovator’s Dilemma.

@farnamstreet – Shane Parrish is the creator of Farnam Street, a blog about decision-making and learning.

@jkhoey - Kelly Hoey, a corporate lawyer turned angel investor, is the author of Build Your Dream Network.

@fortelabs - Tiago Forte is the founder of the productivity consultancy and training firm Forte Labs.

@joelle_emerson - Joelle Emerson is the founder and CEO of Paradigm.

@rorystirling - Rory Stirling is a co-founder and partner at BGF ventures.

@jenn_rtr - Jennifer Hyman is the co-founder and CEO of Rent the Runway.

@caterina - Caterina Fake is the co-founder of Flickr and Hunch.

@ericjorgenson - Eric Jorgenson is the marketing manager at Zaarly and on the weekend produces the Evergreen Business Weekly, a crowdsourced deep dive on different business topics including brand-building, storytelling, interviewing and decision-making.

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