Introducing Manage It: A new community for managers in any field

Manage It.
Manage It.
Image: Gosia Herba
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There’s an old adage that says “People don’t leave companies, they leave managers.” Managing others is hard. For starters, there’s the stress, the deadlines, and the mixed personalities that surround us. What’s even trickier is that there’s no standard playbook. People, companies, and cultures are complex and dynamic organisms—no one book or article can cover all of their nuances. And thus, companies and employees pay a heavy price.

A 2015 Gallup State of the American Manager survey revealed that only 30% of employees are engaged at work, costing the US economy an estimated $320 billion to $400 billion annually. Anyone who’s had a bad manager has experienced some amount of workplace frustration. Conversely, a great manager who knows how to motivate and coach their team can have a huge positive impact—on both the employee and the company’s bottom line.

Shifting the pendulum is no easy endeavour. That’s why we created Quartz At Work. We want to share the stories, individuals, research, and principles that enable companies and their employees, including managers, to thrive. But reading about these topics can only take us so far. We’ve also created a forum where we can put these ideas in action. In conjunction with the launch of this new edition, we invite you to Manage It: A community for managers by Quartz At Work, our inaugural Facebook group.

This group is for first-time managers, seasoned executives, and anyone who aspires to lead others. The Facebook group will be part learning community, part laboratory, and a place to share stories, papers, questions, and tips on on a variety of work-related topics. We believe that community involvement will enable us to stay on top of the trends and innovations that are currently powering work in the new global economy.

The group will be moderated by Quartz At Work’s Khe Hy, Sarah Kessler, and Heather Landy, as well as Quartz growth editor Jean-Luc Bouchard, with guest appearances from other talented Quartz journalists and outside contributors. We’re excited to welcome you to the community. Please come join us here.