Take this quiz to see if you’re ready to go to your office holiday party

Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for this?
Image: Reuters/Regis Duvignau
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In the wake of the recent high-profile allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace, many companies this year are dialing down the booze if not canceling their holiday parties altogether. For companies going ahead with their office festivities, employees must confront challenging questions in the post-Weinstein era. How can you know if you’ve crossed the line with a coworker? What is considered an appropriate party interaction? Is it even possible for men and women to socialize in a professional setting without sexual entanglements? Add alcohol and office gift exchanges, and the potential for disaster only multiplies.

To cope with these confusing times, Quartz At Work has created a self-assessment tool to determine if attending a company holiday party is the right choice for you.