Avin first made versions of the films in Israel before joining forces with Schwimmer in the US and reshooting the movies in English with American actors. All of the dramas are actually inspired by real-life incidents that have either happened to her, or that friends have described to her. Her writing and direction are the real stars here. (And her talent has not been missed by Hollywood: In 2014, Variety called her one of 10 TV scribes to watch.)

In “The Boss,” for example, Schwimmer, playing the sleaze-ball manager, talks to a young female employee about her promotion and pay raise, for which she’s obviously proud. The come-on follows, and the juxtaposition perfectly demonstrates why sexual harassment can, for some women, erode a person’s sense of confidence and self-esteem. The same thing happens in “The Politician,” in which a public figure being interviewed by a journalist heaps praise on the female reporter, whom he calls, “intelligent” and “very strong,” before he moves in.

The effects of this kind of experience are multi-layered. But, as the #MeToo stories and harassment studies have revealed, one of the consequences for many women is crippling, lingering doubt. “Did I deserve this job, or has this always been about sex? About my appearance?” she’ll ask herself. Even if the woman were to stay, accept the promotion, have the man removed, the damage is done. The system has been served.

Avin and Schwimmer have co-created mini-films worthy of the industry’s highest honors. (And, psst, employers: they’ve partnered with the NWLC to make a toolkit for you, too.) And it’s her sensibility that give the narratives the power to reflect these situations back to us with emotional clarity. (She made the films, she has explained, because people would say they didn’t know what harassment was. Now they do.) So let’s make sure she gets the kudos she deserves.

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