Ruth Bader Ginsburg is working from home today, because it’s just three broken ribs

Since when does a few shattered ribs mean a day off work?
Since when does a few shattered ribs mean a day off work?
Image: AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be working from home today. You may have heard that the Supreme Court justice was hospitalized for a night after falling in her office on Wednesday (Nov. 7) and breaking three ribs.

That happened, but it was hours ago. Do you expect her to take to her bed like some delicate flower who isn’t holding up the court’s liberal minority, texting “sorry, [thermometer face emoji]” whenever her clerks ask a question? Of course she’s not going to do that. She’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be working from home today.

Since when do people not do their jobs just because they’re 85 years old and have recently shattered part of the cage that protects the heart and lungs? This is not even the first time Ruth Bader Ginsburg has broken her ribs and kept on adjudicating. In June 2012, she broke two ribs during the court’s busiest season and didn’t take even a day off. What was she supposed to do? Lie around lapping up painkillers and Judge Judy for a day or two, just because she’d suffered an injury that makes breathing excruciatingly painful? Is that what you would have done?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wouldn’t be angry at you if she knew the answer to that question, probably. She would just be disappointed.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be fine, thank you. Ruth Bader Ginsburg does two hourlong sets of pushups, planks, single-leg squats, and some very intense thing with a medicine ball every week with an Army reservist. Ruth Bader Ginsburg started working from her hospital room almost as she was admitted. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not missing anything because of some stupid broken bones (except Brett Kavanaugh’s inauguration ceremony).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be at work today, and tomorrow, and for as long as is humanly possible, so help her God.