Based on interviews Ocasio-Cortez has given in the past about her social media habits and preferences, she likely talked to her peers about the value of writing your own tweets, and sharing your life and thoughts without a filter (to a degree; even she “once in a blue moon” lets her staff pre-screen her tweets, according to Business Insider); and how Twitter can allow someone of an underrepresented group, such as a woman of color, to speak directly to members of their community. Ocasio-Cortez has put the medium to excellent use turning attacks on her youth, her background, and her relative lack of political experience, into personal victories and viral moments, like this one:

To be sure, the Twitter tutorial is good for her brand, and that of her political party. But if the session is successful, it also could solve another problem: Currently, many Democrats, including some of the young congresswoman’s supporters, are worried that Ocasio-Cortez is receiving too much attention, blocking out the sun before it can reach her peers.

After today’s lesson, however, she may create a whole tribe of fellow Democrats skilled at grabbing attention online.

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