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Want to become a pro at working from home? On March 19, we held our first Quartz at Work (from home) workshop, “Remote Control.” If you missed it, don’t worry. Quartz members can watch the entire event below. And here are some of the key takeaways for teams that are shifting to remote and distributed models:

Mimic your office culture as much as possible. Schedule digital lunches or happy hours on Slack or Zoom, create “fun” Slack channels based on shared interests to create a sense of community and foster cultural moments without seeing each other in person. 

Don’t expect normalcy. You and your team might not immediately perform at your best. Schedule more frequent check-ins until everyone is more comfortable. 

Keep your toolsets simple. Use a few tools that your company is already habituated to. Do not try to establish new procedures during this time. 

Build routine and create new rituals to help you focus. Fake a commute by going for a walk, carve out four hours for productive work and increase it to six when you’re more comfortable, and write a post-it with the one thing you want to accomplish today and stick it on your monitor. 

Increase productivity by moving brainstorms meetings and back-and-forth DM exchanges to a call. 

Be kind to yourself, your colleagues, and clients. Check in, show vulnerabilities, and humanize yourself. Ask each other, “How’re you doing?” 

Give feedback and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Give sensitive feedback via video chat. Ask your colleagues what’s going well and what’s not, so that everyone can adjust at the same cadence. 

Bring more movement, nutrition, and mindfulness to your work station. Drink a lot of water, work from a comfortable place, move around your home, take meetings (and give confident presentations) standing up, pay attention to what you’re eating (and incorporate produce when you can), wake up at the same time you usually do and spend your “commuting hours” doing something that enriches your life.