Donald Trump holds over 500 positions outside the US government, his 2017 financials show

Trump owes $50 million to Deutsche Bank related to this building.
Trump owes $50 million to Deutsche Bank related to this building.
Image: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque
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US president Donald Trump filed government financial disclosure forms late on Friday afternoon that show how widespread and complicated his financial holdings are, but do little to shed more light on his potential conflicts of interest.

The 98-page report was filed with the US Office of Government Ethics, and breaks down Trump’s sources of income and hundreds of assets, from real estate to airline companies. Just as in last year’s financial disclosure, the data is light on details, and don’t tell us anything about who Trump does business with.

Still, they contain some notable numbers:

  • Trump holds positions in 565 organizations outside the US government, from the president of Trump Ice, a bottled water business (page 7), to the director/chairman/president of Turnberry Scotland Managing Member Corp. (page 11), which is associated with his Scotland golf course.
  • He owns all or part of dozens of pieces of real estate and real estate trusts, including the 40 Wall Street tower (page 14), which is valued at over $50 million (the top tier in the disclosure) and pays Trump over $5 million a year in rent (the top tier for income), and a property in St. Martin, in the West Indies (page 15), that is valued at between $25 million and $50 million.
  • Ten of his books are paying $201 or less a year in royalties, including The America We Deserve and Think Big and Kick Ass. The Art of the Deal brings in between $100,001 and $1 million in royalties a year.
  • He listed 16 outstanding debts (page 50) which include an over $50 million loan from “Chicago Unit Acquisition LLC” at a high interest rate of prime plus 5%, and an over $50 million loan with Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas for the Old Post Office building in Washington DC , which is now the Trump International Hotel.

The filing wasn’t due until May 0f 2018, as the White House pointed out in a statement that accompanied it, and it was voluntary.