The unusual path of OZ 214 on July 5th, the day before the crash, turned out to be because it had either missed its final approach and gone around again, or perhaps had been held waiting for a landing slot.

A look at the very end of yesterday’s flight, though, showed something unusual: it was flying much lower than normal just before touchdown, and the pilots evidently tried to pull up at the last minute.

The data aren’t granular enough to get a closer look at the flight’s final moments. But Steve Baker, a systems engineer at JP Morgan Chase, did a bit of his own hacking to create another Google Earth file, which shows the comparison between yesterday’s and the previous day’s flights more clearly.

As experts investigate the plane’s black-box recorders, they will learn a lot more, but as in so many other areas, the internet is now equipped to weigh in first—which, depending on your viewpoint, may or may not be a good thing.

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