The alt-right is planning to protest Google’s censorship with nationwide rallies on its US campuses

He knows they’re coming.
He knows they’re coming.
Image: AP Photo/Eric Risberg
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The alt-right supporters of James Damore, the fired Google engineer who authored the so-called “anti-diversity” memo, are planning nationwide protests on Google’s US campuses.

The first demonstrations are slated to happen on Aug. 19 at five locations: Mountain View, California, where Google is headquartered; New York City; Washington, DC; Austin, Texas; and Boston, Massachusetts. A website for organizing the details for #MarchOnGoogle says it plans to hold protests at “every Google office.” The website says demonstrators might exercise their right to free speech by protesting “in front of the homes of Google’s executive team.”

A company representative tells Quartz that it is aware of the upcoming protests, but has declined to comment or say if it would try to stop them.

The protests are meant to raise awareness on how “Google does not respect” freedom of speech and censors “dissenting voices” on its video-sharing site YouTube, according to the organizer, Jack Posobiec. (To the ire of far-right radicals, YouTube does police hate speech.) Google canceled a town-hall meeting for its 60,000 employees at the last minute on Aug. 10, citing concerns for their safety, after the names of some staff were leaked to right-wing sites.

Posobiec has also invited Damore, who was fired on Aug. 7, to speak. At the heart of the brouhaha is an internal email he wrote that went viral when it leaked to the media. In it he questioned Silicon Valley’s efforts to boost diversity, calling them a form a discrimination, and argued that tech’s gender gap was partly due to biological differences between men and women.

Damore, who has said he is considering his legal options, has not publicly commented on whether he will attend or speak at any of the rallies. A Twitter account that appeared to belong to him recently posted photos of a man wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Goolag” and holding a sign that reads “Fired for truth” on Google’s Mountain View campus.