1. Be creative! If you got a 10- or 100-pack and now have a stack of specs, make a sci-fi statue out of them.
  2. Be cool. Wear them every day. This is a timeless (if vision-challenging) style.
  3. Save them for New Year’s Eve and repurpose them as 2018 glasses.
  4. Wear them sporadically in public and when people give you weird looks, say: “What, you guys didn’t know there’s another eclipse today???”
  5. Hang them up in your office and regale anyone who asks about them with a recounting of the great day that was Aug. 21, 2017. Don’t you feel nostalgic already?
  6. Mail all of them to Donald Trump, who briefly forgot to wear his.

This story has been updated to reflect NASA’s latest warnings about eclipse glasses expiration dates.

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