The Quartz Global Power Poll: Help us rank world leaders

Quartz’s Global Power Poll
Quartz’s Global Power Poll
Image: Quartz
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Who do you think is the more effective world leader: Vladimir Putin, or Angela Merkel? Donald Trump, or Xi Jinping? Justin Trudeau, with his projections of tolerance, or Kim Jong-un, with his powerful projectiles?

We want to know your answers. Rank the world leaders below by dragging them into the spots you think reflect how well they wield the power they have. Are they turning the tides of geopolitics, or having a hard time getting anything done? Making history at home, or just making it to the end of a term? Once you submit your answers, you’ll be able to see how everyone else voted in Quartz’s Global Power Poll.

The ranking poll is now closed.

PS: Stay tuned, because we’ll also be tracking the answers over time. That way we can see which world leaders are ascendant and which are losing steam.