Netflix’s new Marvel star is the nihilistic, revenge-obsessed, gun-toting “Punisher”

So metal.
So metal.
Image: Netflix
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Within the first 20 seconds of the new trailer for Netflix’s The Punisher, the latest series in the streaming giant’s Marvel comic book catalog, a woman is murdered execution-style. Yeah, it’s that kind of show.

Created in 1974, “The Punisher” (real name Frank Castle) is a US marine veteran whose family was murdered by the mob after they witness a killing. Castle then becomes a vigilante, using his fighting skills and, more importantly, a massive arsenal of high-powered weapons, to rid New York City of criminals and exact revenge on those who murdered his wife and children.

The Punisher has been met with praise by some for his tragically unyielding obsession with violence. Others have found the character irredeemable, a one-note killing machine who lacks any remotely heroic or hopeful qualities.

Netflix’s The Punisher is a spin-off of the streamer’s series Daredevil, in which the Punisher character, portrayed by American actor Jon Bernthal, appeared. He joins Jessica JonesLuke Cage, and Iron Fist in Netflix’s never-ending Marvel TV universe.

Watch as the Punisher, clad in black and covered in blood, punishes people to the tune of  ”One” by Metallica:

“I’m going to kill them all,” Castle says, before heavy metal guitars kick in. Hopefully the Netflix series will not punish audiences as badly as the character does criminals. The Punisher debuts later this year.