To charge your iPhone X as quickly as possible, you need to spend another $94

Don’t forget the cables.
Don’t forget the cables.
Image: AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast
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It’s as if $1,000 wasn’t enough to begin with.

Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone X, has drawn criticism for costing as much as a 1996 Honda Accord, but it turns out that one of its features isn’t even available out of the box.

The iPhone X (and iPhone 8s) support quick charging, which allows the phones to charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes, according to Apple. The problem is that they can’t do that with the cable and plug that come with the phones.

As Gizmodo points out in its great investigation into all of the various charging cables and plugs Apple offers, to actually get the quickest charging, you need to buy a 61-Watt adapter plug and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Those two items from Apple’s website will set you back an additional $94, before tax.

Apple wasn’t immediately available to explain the rationale behind not including these cables and plugs with its phones. But if you would like to quick charge your new iPhone and perhaps are a little light on funds after the massive outlay for the phone itself, there are other options. Accessories manufacturer Anker sells a 60-Watt wall charger that can charge five devices at once for $50 and Amazon offers a three-pack of USB-C to Lightning cables for $12.90, saving you a grand total of $31.10.

You could use that money to buy yourself a case for your new phone, considering that replacing the glass back on the iPhone X can set you back up to $549.